Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog 3 Alexis Aurigemma

I was pleasantly suprised to read Anne Freidberg's provoking, although exeptionally long, essay on the viewpoints and perspectives of computer screens and film. I was especially captured by her passage, "Multiplicity: The Taxonomy of Variables," because of my extreme interest in filmmaking. It is fascinating how by the manner a scene is shot, it can change the meaning and message that is relayed through the screen. It reminded me of Barthes ideas on Ideology including the referent, the sign and the signifier. The way a word is spoken can change its meaning. The fact that technology allows us this liberalism in creating film allows for a larger sense of convergence. This convergence has made its way into computers. As a teenager I press the limits of my PC's capabilities every day, opening more and more windows and tabs to enhance my viewing pleasure. Simultaneously, I am able to write this blog, listen to music and check my facebook (not that I would ever do that). My question is a broad one, yet an important one: How far are we willing to push this visual stimulant and what will be the next medium it presents itself in?

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