Thursday, February 25, 2010

Blog Entry 3

Friday, 11AM Section

As I was reading Mancovich I was thinking less about his ideas on the interface of new media, specifically in game design, but rather the progression of interface and how new media is the most engaging form. "In contrast to modern literature, theater, and cinema, which are built around psychological tension between characters and movement in psychological space, [new media] returns us to the ancient forms of narrative..." I think that sentence right there sums up his entire idea about the relationship of the interface and how we are at an era of engagement, we can become the heroes, enter the heterotopias, serf the web and find the answers, be whoever we want to be, do whatever we want to do. Through new media we can learn by questioning, or engage in the new writing process which instantly delivers to the audience in time thoughts and ideas via blogging or even go span the globe with the click of the mouse, visit the Great Barrier Reef or the Colosseum. With new media we can go anywhere and do anything. It engages the "user" in a way that is limitless and optional; in a way that other forms of media never could. "Movement through space allows the [user] to progress through the narrative, but it is also valuable in itself. It is a way for the [user] to explore the environment." The computer has become the perfect medium of navigable space.

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