Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weird Global Media Events and Starting Over

During today's class we have talked about how unexpected media events are moments of danger that tend to shake the system and "crystallize relations." Reading through Wark's paper and seeing different - and yet synchronized - responses to the 9/11 attacks in different parts of the world, I think you can see clearly how certain nations have certain attitudes and how these weird global media events actually do that. I also thought it was interesting to see how those moments could be harvested and then used to one's benefit. Wark's paper's title is an interesting point to note since it includes the "tactical intellectual" and then focuses in on the moves that media make to utilize and create control in a most effective way. The steady and yet slow release of (verified) information through media filters is definitely a way to (mis)inform people in a direction you want.

Also the ideas of "Wedom" and "Theydom" and how spontaneously they appear in people's heads after such an event are quite fascinating. Granting the "aggressors" such a referential definition (or rather defining yourself as opposed to "the others") is something that possibly happens as a natural instinct to protect yourself. And yet, I think, at this time and age of readily accessible, available information such labeling is both unnecessary and does nothing more than distance people in a world that is rapidly growing closer.

And yet, the said phenomenon is also being fueled by the powers that be. As mentioned before, if you control the source and the speed of information that is being transfered, you pretty much lead an entire plethora of people into your mindset. However, as many more people realize this, the news-sharing moves slowly from news corporations to other means, such as blogs and tweets. (Let us remember the Iranian revolts.) So maybe this is where media reportage is going? Personalized (and personally opinionated) news instead of broadcast (and crafted for the masses) news?

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