Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Section: Control and Chaos: Monstrosities?

Sorry for the late post!
I am interested in the relationship between what Delueze marks in the shift from a disciplinary society towards a "[society/societies] of control," and what theorist Eng has to say regarding "chaos." Deleuze comments that, "the societies of control, which are in the process of replacing the disciplinary societies. "Control" is the name Burroughs proposes as a term for the new monster, one that Foucault recognizes as our immediate future" (4). Eng sees "chaos" not from a negative view, of "chaos as lack," but rather that, "too much information will only aggravate the possibility of constructing the (simulated) orderliness of the 'audience', therefore threatening to foreground the return of the repressed: chaos."
It is interesting to question how control functions through chaos, and/or how chaos offers a resistance to control? In addition what is at stake in Deleuze's metaphor of monstrosity? How is control or chaos monstrous? Does such monstrosity reflect back on mankind itself?

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