Thursday, March 20, 2008

I think we can agree, all of us, that developing alongside classical NEW MEDIA THEORY are the thoughts and writings of PAUL VIRILIO, which are fast outstripping our ability to develop terms. His present means of fragmentation, or textual interference, call for a RESPONSE of an INTERNET scale, an action that has hardly been discussed thus far. The new academic-contextual-textual continuum is no longer so much TENURED PROFESSORS, which have become more or less standard, as the multiplication of MINI-VIRILIOS are installed in more and more regions of the world and are available for consultation in PDF, BOOK, and even HTML/STREAMED/SCREENED form, as a veritable CRASH OF IMAGES. Even DERRIDA is outmatched. In reality, these "micro-virilios", whose capabilities will soon be comparable to the DEVELOPED PERSONAS of professional cultural critics, represent the overcoming of the classical scientifo-logical semantic.

As a matter of fact, we are moving, whether we know it or not, toward DEMOCRATIZATION OF VIRILIOISM on a planetary scale.

— I, for one, think that we should all be concerned.

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