Wednesday, March 19, 2008

is youtube the visual crash?

"The visual crash is equivalent to a /i/failure of the phenomena/i/, a failure from which only disinformation [...] will be able to profit." Even before completely figuring out what this means, it reminded me of youtube: A crash of images causing a mess... But to unpack this further:

From AH Dictionary; a phenomenon is, "In the philosophy of Kant, an object as it is perceived by the senses." So "failure of the phenomena" means that if a globally voyeuristic network (youtube) reaches Virilio's 'crash' point of overwhelming 'overexposure,' then our perception of these objects (objects of surveillance?) will fail. Fail to what? Fail by doing what?

If "only disinformation will be able to profit," then information must have less value, so perhaps the visual crash of overexposure, of information, floods the 'visual market' (to take a page out of Virilio's book and turn the stock market into the visual market) with so much information that it crashes to become not worthless but not profitable. Rising from the crash of information then can only be disinformation. But what is disinformation? Is disinformation merely misinformation or is it information that transcends the mass of normal information (say, youtube's recently added page) to become captivating information (the one video in a billion that you email to all your friends)?

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