Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog for section on 2/10/10

Nelson's "A File Structure for The Complex, The Changing and the Indeterminate" presents a file storage system, called the ELF, that self-labels and organizes files. In doing so without human ambition or guidance, the ELF changes the role of the individual. No longer would we be needed to interact with material in order to understand it.

Unique thoughts and beliefs differentiate one person from another. These different opinions help make the world of education an exciting place to learn new topics as well as come to understand others' perspectives.If the ELF makes it possible to "incorporate, in a body of information filed in the ELF, various levels of index, summary, explanation, and commentary," will we still need to process any information on our own? Will we have different viewpoints than the next person in class if broad concepts and associations are made for us? How would the role of discussion-based classes change, and how could they stay the same?

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