Thursday, April 8, 2010

Conversation between Anne and I

For early clarification, we're both casual gamers, since there weren't any "hardcore" gamers left; we made do. Also, this is not an exact conversation, that is, it is not verbatim, it is, however, very close.

Anne: I don't play games much.
Me: I don't either. I'm very much a tetris person or even diner dash, something where I don't get to invested in the game.
Anne: That is something I've noticed as a difference between casual games and hardcore games, the personal attachment. In the hardcore games there are these different set of rules, they're more intricate, and you have to discover them by playing more and more and trying to get further and further.
Me: That's really interesting because its true. Casual games are very straight forward on their rules and playing. There isn't much that changes. Each level might be harder, you could be given less time or more to do, but the rules are still the same.
Anne: Exactly, games like tetris or solitaire or other common computer games, bubble breaker, etc.
Me: Right. I suppose my only even somewhat form of hardcore gaming was when I was little playing Nintendo64 or Pokémon on gameboy. Which still aren't that hardcore, there is much more narrative, but the rules and space are very limited, not much changes throughout the games.

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