Thursday, April 8, 2010

Friday 11am Section

While playing Diner Dash, I seemed to have the opposite experience as Ben. Though I play video games reasonably frequently and never get too involved in the outcome, I found myself getting personally offended when customers got angry with my service or left my restaurant. It was only later that I realized the constraints of the video game world helped me to overlook just how outlandishly rude and unreasonable my virtual patrons were. They would leave if I took more than a few seconds to take their order. They would shortchange me in tips if I left an empty plate on their table for a few seconds. Clearly they should be aware that my restaurant is staffed by only one cook and a waitress from the Progressive Insurance commercials. But its a video game, so the absurdities are easier to ignore(especially in a casual time killer rather than a more hardcore game).

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