Saturday, April 10, 2010

Conversation with Monica Garcia after Wednesday's Lecture

Monica: How was the game for you?
Me: It was definitely a good way to kill time for a player, but also when I was playing it, I felt a little bit too pushed because I was constantly urged to do serve the customers.
Monica: You mean you feel it was stressful when you were playing?
Me: Yes.
Monica: But what do you think about it as a casual game? Why did you choose hardcore game over casual game?
Me: I’m not really a gamer. But if I ‘m given the choice, I will choose hardcore game because the experience is more constructive for me. I felt stressful when I was playing a casual game as easy as Diner Dash because I never had choices when I play; all I had are urging orders and demands from the customer. But with hardcore games, the users can design their own avatars, what do they want to do with their game experience. Therefore I think hardcore games are more empowering, whereas casual games like Diner Dash is like an imitation of labor in real life, only the pressure is not real. Why did you choose casual games over hardcore games?
Monica: I don’t play many games as well. I don’t want to invest in games, so casual games, which don’t require downloads and much commitment in time and money are therefore good choices. I also feel that casual games are all about getting faster, and a good way to kill time. Hardcore games are too much investment and engagement for me.

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