Thursday, April 8, 2010

Temporarily at 11am section

The work often lapses into pure data, streaming real-time code up the screen with little or no representational imagery at all...but at other times the game's source code is ignored (15).

I get the feeling that the more an art form becomes the very thing that can be reproduced, such as in Benjamin's discussion of art forms that rely on mechanical reproduction (such as the photo and film), the harder it is to both foreground the apparatus and experience the work of art simultaneously. In Counter-cinema, there can be characters acting out the drama while cameras and stage equipment can be viewed in the same shot, thus presenting a strange coupling, however in the case of the video-game, where there is a less indexical relationship to external referents, one can switch from 'game play' to "streaming code." I'm pretty interested in what anyone thinks this means. What does it say about digital media that the kind of ways complicating the medium don't work

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