Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Class Blog Assignment: Limits of the Hardcore

Today's class assignment introduced me to Alp. After some discussion we both realized that we had similar tastes and interest in the field of video games. Particularly we noted that we both have played games that are noted as those belonging to the hardcore gamers. These games had indicluded but were not limited to platform RPGs as well as MMORPGs like World of Warcraft.
While Alp had gone to the side of hardcore gamers (and although I felt some compulsion to do so) we both agreed on our complicated position as "soft" hardcore gamers. Whereas I always felt that it was the representational and aesthetic features of a game that made me compelled to merge on the level of "hardcore," Alp agreed. His "perfect game," Final Fantasy X, was one that was appreciated for a variety of elements that would degraded by ludologists: story, voice-acting, music, graphics. Beyond these elements aspect of Final Fantasy X that received criticism including the fighting and upgrade system were not as important to Alp.
This lead me to question what are the stakes and limits of hardcore in "hardcore gaming?" Is it what you are playing the game for or is it how you are playing the game?
In addition to appreciation for Square-Enix Final Fantasy series we noted a similarity in our appreciation of Dinner Dash as we both immediately chose the Story mode, and were both frustrated with our inability to get past the fifth level.
I hope that we can speak to such "limits" and complications of the binary of hard/soft in section this week.
-Sean Feiner (partnered with Alp)

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