Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conversation between Emily Martin and Jelena Jelusic

Jelena posted our conversation earlier on the blog...
Neither if us had much experience with gaming; I was on the 'hard-core' side because I really identified with the Kirschenbaum reading. However, though both of us were relatively inexperienced, I found it really interesting that Jelena had worked in an arcade, surrounded by people that spent a huge amount of time playing [and paying for] video arcade games. Though an arcade is different from a personal computer game, it can have the same consuming and addicting effect, and a user must actually move to a localized physical place in order to play. Perhaps the fact that she was surrounded by these games turned her off of playing them.
We did have very similar experiences playing Diner Dash; it was both completely stressful and hard to stop playing.

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