Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Free Software Impact

Would free software have a huge impact on other businesses/companies and professions other than programming? If people could copy, use, and manipulate any and all kinds of software, wouldn’t that hurt music, movie, and game businesses? In the GNU Manifesto, Stallman seems only interested in the programmer's future. Wouldn’t free software also mean free music, movies, and games? The music business is already suffering because people are downloading illegal music files. With free software, people wouldn’t need to buy CDs or buy songs on iTunes, hurting the music business even more.

I also don’t completely understand how source code and free software can be seen as speech, which shouldn’t be limited. These two things make more sense to me as writing, which can be plagiarized. Same with free software as a form of art and expression - can’t art, like poetry, be in someways “plagiarized?”

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