Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Imbalanced Convergence

Communication of ideas can lead to the development of new ideas. There is never one right idea, one right way of thinking it’s always the combination and blend of many different fragments of a greater idea. Many things are achieved through the cooperation of many, a meeting of minds and fusion of brilliance. There are times, however, when some have greater influence than others, which is something that happens constantly in cultural situations. Social structures create imbalance within societies, but is there a way to balance that? And is it better to achieve this balance? Jenkins notes the imbalance between some consumers’ powers, but sometimes people know what they’re doing, more so than others. But who can decide who knows best? The imbalance appears to be inevitable, considering the human nature of creating imbalance between one another. Many people seek equality, I’m sure, but then there must be those to wish to surpass others, seeking more power and advantage over others. Then there’s an imbalance of the fragments of information that blend together to great a whole, great idea. One will, undoubtedly, will have a greater effect on the product of the combination of ideas.

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