Tuesday, April 8, 2008

generational differences

I would like to clarify a little bit the points I was trying to make last week in our blog and also in section, because I continued to have those questions with regards to our Monday readings for this week as well. He describes how democratic the internet is in terms of allowing different people with different cultural values to present their cultural records in a way that is more in-tune with their culture/traditions and community. However, from what we’ve seen of the Web this year, I think it’s fair to say that the WWW imposes a fair amount of restrictions/limitations itself, both in terms of the physical technology and the software. I also hold to my claim that the Web is not part of most marginalized community’s tradition, and that any member of the community who is familiar enough with the web to implement it in a way that really does represent community traditions (ie: someone who can actually program, rather than use templates etc), is probably not as in touch with his community’s traditions as the people who actually carve the kayaks that Srinivasan/Bravo/Boast used as an example in Return to Babel.

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