Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Ian Slater & Araceli Mendez Gaming Experience

Today I met Ian who happened to be in the hardcore gaming side of the room. I was on the Diner Dash side. However, Ian was one of the Diner Dash volunteers that moved. I had very few gaming experience in comparison to Ian. Upon talking we realized that we were both into interactive games like Wii Sports that involve physical action. We liked the feeling of freedom that we got when physically interacting with the game. Neither of us were fond of games that had unrealistic story lines. Well not that a lot of games have realistic story lines, but fighting a dragons to save a princess is not really our thing. Even games that can be played on the Wii like Legend of Zelda wasn't a really interesting option. We realized games like Halo make us feel imprisoned. Sometimes hardcore games can connect online to a bigger community and provide a feeling of freedom. However, we don't want to live our lives through our avatars. I guess its part of the generation we live in to want instant satisfaction.

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