Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pair Discussion

I talked with Juan today about our video game usage. We both found the experience of playing Diner Dash to be a pleasurable one. I found a certain comfort in the simplicity of the interface, which allowed me to quickly improve and gain some level of mastery in short time frame. Juan also found lining up Flo's actions to be pleasurable; however, he also found the game to be too repetitive after a while.

While discussing our gaming history, I stated that I preferred role playing games (RPG's) because they allowed for a finer degree of control under pressure. I disliked first-person shooter games because they required me to act immediately whereas with RPG's I could take my time and select an action before executing it.

Juan, unlike me, is an avid gamer and has played everything from first-person shooters, to RPG's, to MMO's like World of Warcraft. He noted that playing so many games has allowed him to acquire a level of game fluency in which he is easily able to relate one game's grammar of action to another game.

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