Wednesday, April 7, 2010

In-Class Conversation between Monica DeSantiago and Adi

During class, I had the pleasure of meeting Adi. In our pair, I was the self-labeled casual gamer and Adi had more experience in the realm of hardcore gaming.

I admitted that my experience with video games is limited to Diner Dash and other casual games. For me, I found in these games stability and comfort that I never cared to venture away from.

This type of stability that I mentioned though is exactly the reason my partner (Adi) enjoys hardcore games. He has played all types of video games but finds himself drawn to those games that challenge him and provide the possibility of a different gaming experience every time. He doesn’t like the routine and monotony in casual games that don’t allow for much progression such as the endless shift in Diner Dash. When one runs out of lives in Diner Dash, it is possible to start over, but the player starts back at Level 1. It is not possible to continue and build upon previous success. Adi explained that even in games such as Tetris he must start around level 7 to avoid those levels that he already mastered. I found this reaction to stability and routine the most intriguing part of our conversation.

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