Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Conversation between Emily Martin and Jelena Jelusic

Jelena: You like "hardcore" games?
Emily: Not really, I was in the "casual" games group initially. (Emily switched groups after the second question, I forgot what it was)
Jelena: So, how did you like Dinner Dash?
Emily: It stressed me out, but in a passive way, cause I was sitting down all the time.
Jelena: Did it annoy you? It really annoyed me after a while...
Emily: Yeah, I hated that the customers kept coming in and I couldn't deal with all of them, but, at the same time, I was just sitting down all the time.
Jelena: I felt the same way. I was getting really annoyed, but into it at the same time, so I felt I had to stop after a while.
Emily: I also felt I really needed to stop at one point.
Jelena: Have you ever tried a "hardcore" game though?
Emily: No, but I played Myst a lot.
Jelena (being completely uninformed about computer games): What exactly is it?
Emily: It is a computer game that is kinda like a puzzle. It's hard.
Jelena: Oh, ok. Why do you think you never played "hardcore" games?
Emily: I don't know, i just never did.
Jelena: I was always afraid of them, in a way. I worked at an arcade once and I tried playing Counter Strike with some guys, but they just killed me immediately.
Emily: It might be the reason I never played, I would be too bad at it.
Jelena: Haha, same thing, I was really too bad.
Emily: Even the racing games, I would just wonder: "Wait, what is this control for?"
Jelena: Same thing, I would always arrive last or die on the way.

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