Wednesday, February 13, 2008

experiencing digital art

Having experienced the CAVE, Patchwork Girl, and John Cayley’s “Speaking Clock”, I rather feel bothered by the inconveniency of manipulation. I can’t help but to wonder what is the real intention of creating digital art, do viewers really enjoy and appreciate this new form of media? Taking the CAVE as an example, Soren Pold has mentioned in Interface Realisms that “In the dominant perceptions of VR, the interface should be all encompassing and three-dimensional, and the user should be surrounded by an immersive, total simulation. The interface would thus simultaneously disappear and become totalized.” Program writers have always tried to bridge technology with text, and giving the viewer a unique experience. However, in the cave, from the viewer’s perspective, I did not have this encompassing and three-dimensional feel. The program writers get more enjoyment from the process of writing the code and creating the digital art then the viewers. The viewers, therefore, will not able to appreciate the work if he or she did not engage in the process of creation.

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