Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Hypertext Information

While reading Bush’s essay I noticed a lot of discussion concerning the methods of making records. And after the lab, which dealt with hypertext, an interesting way of holding records, I think I just became confused. The hypertext seemed to be a stream of random texts, ideas and concepts. When reading the hypertext, it would immediately come off as confusing, but I realized that the attempt in making sense of it all kept the mind creatively healthy, constantly thinking, and, in the end, kept the mind active. When reading a straight-forward document there isn’t that much of a thought process occurring, but through this hypertext I believe there was. The disorganization, which seems totally senseless at first, actually served a great purpose in making one’s mind active; waking the mind up. Maybe, during section, we can discuss the thought process one has to go through in order to make sense of something that first appears nonsensical. Perhaps we can discuss the hypertext in all its chaos and oddity. Then we can connect that to Bush’s and Nelson’s essays and ideas, which both discuss methods of holding information. In order to progress society needs to know of the past, but perhaps through such methods as hypertext we won’t lose creativity.

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