Thursday, February 14, 2008

Image as code

Katherine Hayles talks about code in relation to speech and writing, but why not talk about code in relation to images as well? This might be interesting to look at because as we all saw on Tuesday evening at the CAVE, images (as well as text and speech) can be created from coding. Therefore, we can consider the effects of coding (i.e. creating images/text/speech) in relation to its mode of functioning (i.e. using writing to create code).

Images are not simply organized color pixels, but are also groups of things, such as letters grouped to form words. Words as we see them and read them are images because of their wholeness and unity. This can be more clearly understood when looking at advertisements. The sparse words juxtaposed with the images become images themselves because they form their own entity. Words are also images because they only make sense when read from a vantage point that takes into account all of their constituents, just like an image only makes sense if all its parts are visible and read together.
Therefore, writing which creates code to produce text, speech and images, is a form of imagery in itself.
I do not think therefore, that images are solely a product of coding, but are on the contrary inherent in its functioning.

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