Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Interfaces Are Mere Restrictions of the Mind

I really enjoyed reading Pold’s essay on interfaces. After reading Pold’s ideas they do indeed bring in mind the problems with interfaces. Using the very computer I’m typing into right now, makes me think what the technological world would be like without interfaces that hide the complexities of technology from us. Perhaps through such technological advances, humans themselves could evolve in their understanding and communication with machines. The exposure of the machine’s codes and data would definitely push the human understanding of machines somehow. As long as such complexities of the machine are hidden away from humans, there is a constant restriction on humans, a restriction of their understanding for the technological world. If we’re to link machines to their users, then the interfaces need to become “transparent” putting us into direct contact with the machine. This way we’re strengthening our comprehension of the machine, learning something more about the machine’s language and also developing our own communicational processes. Interfaces are indeed created to make computers, and other devices, more accessible to us, yet limit growth. Programmers could probably break down technology, but majority of society remain ignorant, because of the restrictions called interfaces. Perhaps we should be making the complexities of machines, bettering our thinking-skills, understanding of machines and technological-evolution.

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