Tuesday, February 5, 2008

“Mirror in the bathroom… Just ten thousand reflections of my own sweet self, self, self...”

One point in Foucault’s article that piqued my interest was when he began describing heterotopias as a sort of proverbial and physical mirror, through which real space interacts with unreal space, and then back again. This is reminiscent of Lacan’s mirror stage in which identity and the self are established. I’m not altogether sure whether this is an intentional play on psychoanalytic and structuralist theory on Foucault’s part, but it’s also interesting to think that this same sort of thinking can be applied to unreal space that relies on our connection to real space in order to experience heterotopias and as a connection to our first week’s lectures on human-machine dynamics. Also, I thought it was sort of cool that Neo’s first venture out of the Matrix and into “reality” was through his looking into a mirror that literally gave way when he disturbed it. It might be reading into the film a little too much, but Neo’s self is established through a literal transition into Lacan’s mirror stage. I might be trying to connect too many thoughts here, but I was just curious to see if anyone else made this/these observations..?

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