Thursday, March 25, 2010

11am friday

I was not particularly interested in the the immemory. I visited first the traveling section and that wasn’t so bad, it was interesting at first to see the photos from different places around the world. I kept clicking through the pictures and eventually got to the end without realizing any particularly interesting conclusions .Maybe I did not get it, but when I went to the cinema section I was at first intrigued because I figured that since I was interested in movies I would somehow make more sense of this section. The first two films I clicked on went fine but then I got to vertigo. I was particularly baffled that there would be a “slide,” if you will, as a precursor warning me that if I did not know enough about vertigo it wasn’t worth my time continuing. Since I wasn’t familiar with vertigo and at this point I was already a little bit confused by immemory, I acted on the message, maybe a little too literally, and stopped with my exploration of immemory.

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