Friday, March 26, 2010

Cave posting

The experience with Cave allows me to not only experience virtual reality but also interact with it. Even though the technology right now reveals the virtual world in a similar manner with 3D movies, we can imagine the future of virtual reality as one that involves the experience of five senses and that resembles the reality so much that we cannot differentiate between the two. Virtual reality can be applied in not only the entertainment field, but also other practical ways. For example, the traffic problem can be solved by stuffing people in a train like a can, while immersing them in the virtual reality that they are actually driving their limousines on the highway. The ultimate stage for the development of virtual reality might reach a level that allows people to live in the virtual world, while maintaining their physical functions through the help of robots in the physical world. This kind of envisioning raises the interesting philosophical question of whether virtual reality is ontologically parallel with the physical reality.

Sorry about the extremely late posting.

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