Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thurs 1pm: Cave and Confinement

I thought the cave session was a great interactive experience. It's amazing how prior to stepping into the cube I almost felt as if they were boundaries for a different world. So, once putting on the glasses and beginning the screenings, I lost all feelings of confinement. Instead, I felt that I was able to move about space as easily as my day-to-day life. Although it was in a different virtual world, we were able to step outside the boundaries of the world into any open space. Just as a side thought, during the "glitch" presentation, it eerily reminded me of an endless nightmare. When it turned to utter chaos where no boundaries were existent or barriers formed, I realized the endless possibilities for any type of virtual world.
The cave session reminded me of what Agre mentioned about confinement. People in general feel most free during their daily lives, especially when driving their cars according to Professor Chun. They are able to move about space freely with no hesitation or restrictions. This was not an immediate feeling when stepping into the cave, rather the opposite. Being surrounded by four walls restricts my ability to move throughout space, thus rendering me confined. However, once the virtual world of long corriders, open space, and chaotic backgrounds emerged, it gave me an alternative perspective on the ability to move through space, whether it's virtual or real-life. I thoroughly enjoyed being able to experience the cave session and love the perspective I gained from it.

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