Friday, March 19, 2010

The Cave

I have to be honest I was not quite ready for what I experienced in the cave. The way he was describing the cave I t first I expected it to maybe put me on a hill in the middle of a mountainous landscape. While my expectations were not met, I was not disappointed. My group elected to go through the glitch program and it was an interesting dynamic between a navigable space that was at the same time clearly not navigable (a cave by nature is a dark un-navigable space). When we were choosing which program to run I could not help but be reminded of the scene in the matrix when they first bring Neo into the real world. While they were faced with the question of “should we do Kung-fu or the jump program first?” In the cave we were faced with a similar question of which alternate version of reality we wanted to experience. Another parallel to the matrix was the trend htat the applications seemed to have towards long endless hallways. Although it was not in the first Matrix, in the second and third Matrix there are repeated scenes of endless hallways with infinite doors. A lack of control that comes with an endless hallway is felt by both the characters in the Matrix and by me in the cave. Especially in the glitch program where in the “prologue” the application explicitly stated (on all sides) “do you know where you are?” It was a good question because at that moment in time I was not really sure where I was, or what was going to happen next. Overall, I enjoyed my visit to the cave and look forward to seeing that kind of technology become more common place.

-Ben Trotter

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