Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday 11am, Matt G

I was pretty uninspired by my visit to the cave. I felt, even when wearing the tracking glasses, that the perspective of the programmed video was unrealistic. I never felt as though I was truly immersed in the alternate world that the cave presented. It was hard to believe that I was somewhere other than standing inside a box with one wall missing. I think that the experience could have been more fulfilling if there weren't several people packed into the little space. As I tried to look around and pretend that I was in an alternate space, I was distracted by the other students and the lack of enclosure.

The idea of being trapped in a small area, to me, is not consistent with the freedom that is supposed to be associated with a self-navigable space. To truly simulate such an environment, the space should have either been totally sealed, with no reference to the outside world, or without limit- maybe by projecting the images within the glasses themselves.

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