Thursday, March 11, 2010

S0.3 Response to Wednesday Section's Rohan

Hey, this post is also posted as a comment to Rohan's post.

I totally agree with you, Rohan. It seems as though sites like Facebook and MySpace are not extensions of life experience but a whole another experience; What occurs on those platforms IS usually ignored or not part of the real public. I think where the Boyd's article still does apply even with the extension of your argument is that these platforms can be a new public, even though this public might not have any barring on the public which is reality. I think Boyd's argument that Facebook/MySpace is a new public sphere in which teenagers learn how to participate in democracy might still hold true with your argument to an extent. Boyd's argument that these platforms are the public, is based on a definition of public, based on Habernas, that is defunct in "the real world"; the public of ancient times in which all citizens can be heard and can participate no longer exists, leaving me with the following question: What kind of democractic public is Facebook preparing us for?

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