Thursday, March 11, 2010

S.03 Exploring Media and Artwork

Throughout this week I have come to the conclusion that people use technological medium as a mean of artistic expression because that is where they are most comfortable. But why is it that people are more comfortable telling everyone about their lives on Facebook when the public openly admits to "fb stalking"? I question it now (why I myself am so comfortable with telling the world about my life via facebook status) but I admit the freedom of seeing others lives is rather unsettling. People post images of posts just so others can see what they are doing. It's a selective view. But at the same time people are now going back over their facebook's removing "inappropriate" facebook images that once exists to only show others they were having a good time in college. This further leads me to deduce that a public window serves as a paradox. There exists this inner battle of what is socially acceptable and what is ethically correct.

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