Friday, March 19, 2010

S03 The Cave

Post first virtual reality experience there is so many thoughts going thru my head. However let me begin my breakdown with a before during and after analysis.

Before: I knew we were going into a room to experience this medium of virtual reality. I envisioned a movie theater type room with a surrounding screen and a place where you could just sit and watch production similar to that of a 3-D film. I have once experienced something with the sub-context of a "4-D experience" in which you get to smell as well as part take in the images in front of you. This 4-D experience was what I drawing from for a prevision of my cave experience.

During: Well as you probably know The Cave isn't a movie theater. You stand in a box with four walls. I wasn't necessarily taken aback to find that The Cave was something completely different but more intrigued. I have to saw what I found interesting during the experience was the description of the inter-workings of the virtual reality cube, the projectors, the mirrors, the head tracking device. All of these aspects I hadn't thought about when envisioning my own virtual reality cube. As I stepped in with the track-detected glasses on for the first piece I definitely felt a mixed emotion of control as well as unknowing. Since the setup was completely different than I thought initially the piece has to be as well. However with the controller in my hand I got the sense of my individually guided experience. For the first run through the hallway piece I went a little to fast speeding forward down the hall not realizing what else was around me. The second run though however we took our time and really interacted with the media. Jumped through walls, felt the phrases, spun around. Our third and final experience in The Cave was with a piece where you tortured a "character" named pim by clicking more, more, more and eventually pim would die.

After: Reflectively I would have to say that what truly amazed me is the limitlessness of the medium. Firstly and more distinctively a viewer of the piece is in the experience. The viewer interacts with the artwork itself. The artwork is again a journey that the viewer is a part of. Secondly, as demonstrated by the torturing piece, playing with virtual reality as a medium allows you to accomplish things like directly evoking human emotion by putting them into the experience. The difference between actually torturing someone and the virtual reality experience besides the obvious lack of ramification is that the artist still has control over how you can torture the person, what you can see, and how long it takes for the “character” to die.

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