Friday, March 12, 2010

Multi-dimensional copying of knowledge within individuals… Multi-dimensional development of groups traveling networks creating in-group semiologies, new understandings, new technologies, new ways of relating to the space and society that surrounds them... Uncertainty comes from these intermediate parties within the multi-verse carrying a novel semiology. Where these individuals will communicate is unknown; thus, the transmission of information and the influence of this novel semiology on society is unpredictable. Technology is a semiological set that actually represents how man combats uncertainty and fear as it is an investment of time an energy for the future. Thus, it is the nature of inference, man’s natural ability to simulate and the spatial and temporal conditions of that simulation, that dictates our development of technology. As novel semiology is established within the multi-verse, the localized, in-group semiology is manipulated by outsiders through simultaneous, networked communication. There is absolutely no exactly similar universe; however, there is the random overlap of multiple universes within this multi-verse that provides stability. There is a constant and simultaneous exchange of semiology between universes; however, exchange is mediated by portals which constitute the spatial construction of the multi-verse. Portals can be understood as the natural interconnectedness of semilogies in linguistic, cultural, and now technological forms. Paradigm shifts result from the rapid creation of portals between universes generated by the introduction of a novel semiology that is accessible to a large number of universes or is accessible to a large variety of universes. The set of universes most likely to generate a particular multi-verse influences the dominant semiological set; thus, technology as an organizer of semiological understandings is now the dominant force that constructs the universal flow (how these universes move in relation to one another and their intersections, speeds, and network hubs). The role of linguistic semiology is the mediator between man and space (space understood as natural and technological). Technology is the manipulator of man in space. Cultural semiology provides semiological stability because it represents the basis of inference, how man views his place within space. Each of these semiologies may shift and, in turn, effect the other three; however, it is the technological semiology that is rapidly changing and effecting the other two. Just as nature in Emerson revealed divine truth, it is the technologies that we develop that reveal human truths. It's way too late.

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