Friday, March 19, 2010

My experience in the cave was definitely affected by the fact that I was closest to the average height in my group, so I got to wear the glasses with the tracker and use the pointer. When I had the glasses, I felt that I had control of what I saw and using the pointer allowed me to control the progression of the piece. In a way, this reminded me of the idea of a "readerly text" in that I had some degree of agency in the way the images were displayed.

On the other hand, when another person had control of the pointer and wore the tracking glasses, I felt uncomfortable because the images were slightly distorted and the piece moved along at a pace set by someone else. I felt that I was a passive observer instead of a user.

I had a similar thought as Fiona regarding the question "Do you know where you are?" The answer is obvious if we're just talking about our physical bodies - in the Cave. But the question was repeated over and over, while our perspective in the virtual world kept shifting. It made me think about the idea of location in the virtual world, particularly when we're talking about the internet. When you're "online," where are you really? You're sitting at your desk, but you're also on facebook, in a chat "room," running around in the world of warcraft world. Your mind can be totally absorbed in this virtual world, perhaps to the detriment to your physical body. So really, do you know where you are?

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