Thursday, March 18, 2010

capture and social beings

What does NWF mean when he discusses how the capture method compromises “our ability to manage how we present and define ourselves” as social beings. How does the capture system that he discusses truly harm the subject’s creations of a public self? The subject is not even wholly aware of the capturing as it happens so there is no surveillance effect. I know that information about me is recorded when I go online but that does not inhibit my actions in any meaningful way, especially when it comes to how I present and define myself. Self expression and the creation of social identities are so easy now due to social networking sites or VR, how would the capture model really put that ability in jeopardy? I can only imagine that it would be because of a surveillance effect in that people would be worried about putting too much personal information online, but how does that threaten the management of self?

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