Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blog post 7

I find it incredible that we are beginning talks about how we communicate with machines, specifically computers. I never thought when I was interacting through the use of my computer, either through social networking sites, data extraction, or just leisurely activities, that I was actually communicating with my computer itself. Every website that I visit is recorded in some database that categorizes myself. This makes me wonder how I, as a human being, am categorized according to a machine in comparison to all others using the internet.
Every piece of information that I put about myself on the internet, although all of it may not be completely accurate to my true self, is recorded and documented as part of my “profile”. So, what does this mean for my public, or social, self? Am I part of a system that simply divides me into categories that can relate to almost anything, or anyone, else on the internet? (specifically social networking sites)
In any case, Dobson’s pieces made me think deeper about how social networking sites help develop a persons public self, but also how it defines your private self. I think that it’s had more of an impact on my development to become myself without my knowing. So, in essence, the use of communicating with my computer helped shape me?

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