Thursday, March 25, 2010

Friday 11am, Matt G

The idea of technology acting as an information storing aid is very interesting. Using today's available technologies we can store written documents, movies, and music all within the confines of out desktop computer or zip drive. While some argue that computers are making actual mental memory superfluous, our current technology can only do a fraction (two fifths) of what our minds can do. Technology can store memory that is a product of two of the five senses, sight and sound. Today's computers have no access memory regarding taste, touch, or smell. For example, while I can film myself eating a slice of pizza, and store that video on my computer, the .mov file will not be able to communicate or remember all of the mental memories that I acquire from eating the pizza. The file will not contain the feeling of the hot cheese touching my tongue, nor the smell of sauce, nor the texture of the crust. Will it is unclear how many of these memories, if any, technology will be able to store in the future, under today's technological limitations- the mind is still a very important and unique bank of information.

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