Friday, March 26, 2010

The idea of the cyborg conjoins the dichotamies between object/ subject, control/controlled, nature and culture, which are largely discussed in feminist theory and are also a product of capitalist society. haraway uses the metaphor of the cyborg to bridge the distances and repair these tensions. The cyborg is part man and part machine, just as she seems to argue, the feminist body is part organism and part machine, a body controlled, appropriated and even manufactured in present day society. "We are all chimeras, theorized and fabricated hybrids of machine and organism; in short, we are cyborgs" Her idea of cyborg also bridges an important fisure in feminist theory: between essentialist and naturalist camps.

I found Haraways discussion of coalition creating particularly interesting. She suggests that instead of using blinket termonolgy to express feminist sentiments and label groups, that perhaps "affinity" terminology such as "women of color" would be more effective in political discourse. alligning across specific groups creates an "oppositional consciousness" that is more in line with the hybridity of cyborg politcs. As a woman of color i agree that acknowleging nuances in affinity groups are important to express not only problems pertaining to women but the maryiad of experiences racial, socioeconomic that society's othering creates.

I also thought the piece was interesting to look at the oppression of political capitalist culture. which relates to kelly dobsons work with cybernetics and human body..... her machines respond and interact with humans and at an ideological level attempt to relieve feelings, and sensations, such as the scream body, which are repressed by society's norms. The machines that responds to human interaction seem also to symbolize an ideal which attempts to humanization capitalist culture and its machines. Perhaps in doing so it reclaims its agency .

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