Wednesday, March 10, 2010

“Do windows cause narcissism?” Response Thurs 1pm

I agree with Ian’s comments on “the window,” but I do not necessarily see it as a bad thing. At first glance, narcissism did not come to mind when referring to these windows into people’s lives. Instead, I saw it as them taking opportunities to represent themselves. From art, to movies, to autobiographies, to finally a 24/7 real-time video, it feels like another way to showcase oneself to the world. I too looked up Jennifer Ringley, and it seemed like it was just a creative way to showcase her life. It is interesting that her desire to showcase herself is coupled with the viewer’s desire to watch. It is agreed among several theorists the pleasure that comes out of voyeurism. I too am not exactly sure why people would want to watch someone brushing his/her teeth and carrying out his/her activities during the day, but it is the most “real” we can get. While films are shot in scenes and the mundane is left out, these cyber windows (as well as “Time Code”) give us raw material, unmasked and presented. According to Ringley, it was the best way to get to know her. While it’s not exactly the most interesting way, the idea that one can essentially pry into her life is appealing to the viewer – although I do not fully understand why it is appealing to Jenni.

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