Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fri 11am Section

Windows and vulnerability brought up a couple interesting points. The first of which that the internets rate of growth is proportional to rate at which the world is shrinking. A message that once took days maybe even months to send from say, Europe, to America now takes only seconds. Applications like Skype and companies like Cisco the human network even allow people on completely different sides of the world to communicate as if they were in the same room. The point being that the line between the realm of what is public and what is private is becoming harder to distinguish. As professor Chun showed in lecture (I don't remember when), even when you think you're privately browsing the internet, anyone with the right program can spy on you. This is what Thomas Keenan refers to when he describes these "windows." Applications like skype or even just a simple internet web page, are rendering the users more and more vulnerable as internet use becomes more and more ubiquitous. Another interesting irony is that Microsoft's "Windows" is what many people use to open their "windows of vulnerability."

Ben Trotter

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