Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday 11 am Section

In Monavich’s Navigable Spaces he asks the question “should we oppose this spatialization?” In reference to how steadily more and more aspects of life are becoming represented in navigable space instead of reality. He goes on to say “there is no space in cyberspace.” This statement in the literal sense is obviously true, cyberspace is everywhere and yet it is nowhere (kind of like the matrix). However, cyberspace can be as real a space as any. What define real spaces, I would say, are interactions with other people and objects in that space. So could cyberspace, which can consist of the interaction between people and objects as in online gaming or forums, then be considered a real space as well? “What is missing from computer space is space in the sense of medium – an environment in which objects are embedded…” This view of computer space is becoming outdated. As technology improves digital spaces in video games are becoming more and more realistic. If technology continues improving on its present course it is very possible that “computer” space will become so real that we can actually “walk” around in it. What I’m talking about is virtual reality. Once computer space reaches the point of being virtual reality, there will be nothing left to separate cyberspace from real space. Everyone will have to choose which space they define as their real space.

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