Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday 11 am Section

The readings and lectures this week reminded me of MCM100 when we discussed Laura Mulvey and the role of windows in terms of point of view. I found Professor Chun's lecture on the vulnerability and public intrusion introduced to our society through the internet very interesting. Being a college student I spend a lot of time surfing the web and have found myself in many of the circumstances that Professor Chun described to us including regrettably, Chat Roulette. I wish to focus on a more detailed aspect of the Brown communities vulnerability through "Spotted at Brown." In our own microcosmic society we have created a dual window that is intrusive and also plays into our human tendency to be voyeurs. Nancy Fraser says these windows "are arenas for the formation and enactment of social identities" and I couldn't agree more. We have lost touch with ourselves in the real world, and it is concerning. Why is it we must go to sights such as "Spotted at Brown" in order to fulfill our true social awareness? I think that our generation is in a developing stage when it comes to New Media. Our reaction to this new phenomenon will shape how we as a future race will continue to grow and change.

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