Thursday, March 4, 2010

S03 Navigable Space

While I do acknowledge how advanced and fascinating video games can be, I've never truly found them entertaining. While some graphics are extraordinary, I've never been drawn to anything other than Amateur Surgeon and Vending Machine Champ from my iphone. So it was fascinating to explore navigable space this week. I had never linked narratives to video games, but after this week's reading I can see the connection. Characters take part in exploring the space and developing through it by interacting with different objects.

The little knowledge that I have on video games and this reading reminded me of Patchwork Girl and how we were able to explore hypertext. Video games do a similar thing by allowing us to work at our own pace and to take our own paths. I find video games to be a bit more interactive though as you can not only look at the environment but also interact with it. Then again these interactions with other characters tend to be programed unless you are talking about online games like WoW.

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