Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unique Moments

After seeing today's presentation of the Speaking Clock, I was reminded of this project I saw earlier:
(Do watch the time lapse video)

I think it really resonates with idea of every moment being unique and unquantifiable into a generic mass-concept of time, seeing as every day the presentation will be a little different just because of differences of sunlight angles and weather patterns; it will either go faster, or slower or maybe it will be interrupted because of clouds (although one could argue that if you do this in the equator you'll get the same display every day, or that the presentation will be the same next year on the same day. Still, it's quite amazing seeing as they are doing this with nature and not with randomizable code!) It also is a very interesting way of using space and surface as a medium for artistic presentation because the writing and its legibility will differ on different surfaces. You'll also have to enter the dome to be fully able to read the poem, which ties back into the idea of the spectator becoming the spectacle because you'll be seen interacting with the media and become a part of it to other observers.

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