Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wed. Section

"What if the opening of the the aperture that allows sight were to become uncontrollable, if the regulated light that makes seeing possible were to overexpose the interior - which it opens - to the exterior against which it defines itself. The opening risks the more violent opening of the distinction between inside and outside, private and public, self and other, on which the house of human is built. This prediamcent of disarticulation structures all domestic space as such, but proves determinant for this house."

With a few lexical and structural changes, Keenan's description of the "eye house" can be transferred to the way in which Boyd talks about Myspace. Perhaps a reason Myspace and other sites have been a traditional parent's nightmare is due to the violent opening of inside and out, or especially popularized private and public: What pictures are on myspace (thus how you spend your time), relationship status have been transformed from things that you found out as your personal, private relationship deepens into something you expect to know right away.

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