Tuesday, March 2, 2010

WS Navigable Space and Hypertext

How are games like Myst similar to hypertexts like Patchwork Girl? They are both an adventure and, as Manovich said, an “elaborate dance” through a material, may it be a written narrative or navigable space. You can move forward or move in circles, looking at text or space over and over again. Both hypertext and Myst afford the power of spontaneous navigation that normal texts and movies do not. Are video games simply an extension of hypertexts to a new dimension? Putting the participant into the 3D world that is narrated through looking and acting on the environment. Do these games afford more freedom to the user or are they simply a visual expansion of a hypertext. I would like to discuss in section how creating navigable space changes the experience and control that the user has over the narrative, and how this may be the visual hypertext.

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